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The fact that LLBG, at a specific time, does not invoke one or more provisions of these Terms shall not be construed in any way as a partial or total renunciation by LLBG to rely on these provisions or Terms in the future.

Intellectual Property

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Non-permitted use of the Site

The User undertakes not to:
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In case of disregard by the User of the intellectual property rights, other rights of third parties or LLBG, the User agrees to indemnify LLBG or third parties and to hold LLBG or third parties harmless against any claims or claims of as a result of such infringement.

Personal data – External Privacy Policy

In certain circumstances LLBG shall process certain data of the User (“Personal Data”). LLBG considers the protection of the privacy of these Personal Data as very important and therefore commits to process these in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (also known under the abbreviation GDPR).
As part of this commitment LLBG has adopted a Privacy Policy that describes in detail why and how the above-mentioned Personal Data will be processed in this context, to whom they can/will be transferred and which are your rights as well as the obligations of LLBG in this respect.
The Privacy Policy can be consulted using the following link. We invite you to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly, it contains important information.

Links to other websites

The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites or webpages of third parties, or may refer to them in another way. LLBG has no control over the content, privacy policy or other characteristics of these websites or webpages and shall in no way be liable for their content or characteristics.

Information on the Site

The information, software, products and services (the "Information") offered on or through the Website, may contain imperfections of any kind, despite the fact that all statements of numbers, sizes, weights, descriptions, drawings, provided illustrations, stock lists, catalogues or other indications of products have been made with due care. LLBG can however not guarantee that there will be no deviations and cannot be held liable for any printing errors. Shown or supplied samples, drawings or models are only indications of the products and do not bind LLBG in any way. The information is provided and reproduced without any form of guarantee.
LLBG is not liable for any viruses if they would occur despite the precautions taken on the Site and disclaims all liability for any damage that these viruses may cause. LLBG expressly reserves the right to change the information on the Site at any time or make the Site out of action for maintenance.

Advice through the Site

If any advice is given, directly or indirectly, via the Site, for taking personal or business decisions, this advice is given without any guarantee whatsoever and LLBG cannot be held liable. The user should always consult an expert for additional information regarding the advice, tailored to its personal situation.

Links to the Site

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Applicable law and jurisdiction

All issues and disputes between LLBG and the user regarding this Terms, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law and shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dendermonde.